Club Championship                         3 Woods - first to 21 shots
The first named players are to contact their opponents to organise the match – all matches to be completed by the date specified.

Round 1 (to be played by 29 May)

Match R1 - John Cort v Jen Cort
Match R2- Beth Ward v Gavin Broughton
Match R3 - Jim McDermott v Graham Findell
Match R4 - Richard Smallwood v Richard Clayton
Match R5 - David Bull v Linda McDermott
Match R6 - John Prattley v Alison Waudby
Match R7 - Alan McKeown v Bill North
Match R8 - Steve Pattison v Peter Moult

Quarter Finals (to be played by 19 June)

Match Q1 - Jen Cort v Gavin Broughton
Match Q2 - Graham Findell v Richard Smallwood
Match Q3 - Linda McDermott v John Prattley
Match Q4 - Bill North v Peter Moult

Semi Finals (to be played by 17 July)

Match S1 -Gavin Broughton v Richard Smallwood
Match S2 - John Prattley v Peter Moult

Finals Day (21 August)

Gavin Broughton v John Prattley