Handicap competition - 3 woods 18 ends

The first named player is to contact their opponent to organise the match – all matches to be completed by the date specified.
The number after the name indicates the number of shots the player will give to, or receive from, their opponent.

Preliminary Round (to be played by 14 May)

Match P1 - Richard Clayton (S) v Jim McDermott (+1)

Round 1 (to be played by 28 May)

Match R1 - Richard Clayton (S) v Steve Pattison (S)
Match R2 - Gavin Broughton (-2) v Jen Cort (-1)
Match R3 - Alan McKeown (+1) v Alison Waudby (+1)
Match R4 - Bill North (+1) v Peter Moult (-1)
Match R5 - Linda McDermott (-2) v Andy Dobrowolski (+2)
Match R6 - John Bentley (+1) v Mick Price (+1)
Match R7 - Oliver Springthorpe (+1) v Graham Findell (-2)
Match R8 - John Cort (-1) v John Prattley (-2)

Quarter Finals (to be played by 25 June)

Match Q1 - Winner R1 v Gavin Broughton (-2)
Match Q2 - Alan McKeown (+1) v Winner R4
Match Q3 - Winner R5 v Mick Price (+1)
Match Q4 - Graham Findell (-2) v John Prattley (-2)

Semi Finals (to be played by 30 July)

Match S1 -Winner Q1 v Winner Q2
Match S2 -Winner Q3 v Winner Q4

Finals Day (20 August)

Winner S1 v Winner S2